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At Repertoire, our goal is simple – harness the intrinsic ability of the immune synapse to prevent and cure disease. This mission is a challenging one, requiring a complex and multi-dimensional approach that integrates cutting-edge biology and sophisticated, novel technologies. We stand ready to meet this challenge with our unique platforms, world-class team and unparalleled network of researchers, clinicians, academics and entrepreneurs.

Board of Directors

Stephen Berenson Managing Partner at Flagship Pioneering
Pablo Cagnoni, MD, PhD Board Member of Repertoire
Doug Cole, MD - Chairman Managing Partner of Flagship Pioneering and Chairman of the Board of Repertoire
John Cox, MBA Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of Repertoire
JC Gutierrez-Ramos, PhD Board Member of Repertoire, Founding CEO
Steve Harr, MD Board Member of Repertoire
Susan Hockfield, PhD Board Member of Repertoire
B. Lynne Parshall, Esq. Board Member of Repertoire

Scientific Advisory Board

Thomas Andresen, PhD
Christophe Benoist, PhD
Darrell Irvine, PhD
Manfred Kopf, PhD
Doug Lauffenburger, PhD
Alex Shalek, PhD
David Spriggs, M.D., PhD