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Bringing hope to patients with cancer and autoimmune diseases

What if we could program our adaptive immune system to effectively fight disease?

Repertoire Immune Medicines is discovering our unique immune codes to harness the full power and diversity of the T cell repertoire. Our proprietary DECODETM platform provides insights that allow us to design medicines to program the immune system, selectively eliminating tumors in cancer patients or restoring immune balance in patients with autoimmune disease.

Board of Directors

Doug Cole, MD - Chairman Managing Partner, Flagship Pioneering and Co-Founder, Repertoire
Chairman, Repertoire
JC Gutierrez-Ramos, PhD Chief Science Officer, Danaher Corporation
Board Director and Founding CEO, Repertoire
Stephen Hahn, MD CEO of Harbinger Health and CEO-Partner, Flagship Pioneering
Board Director, Repertoire
Steve Harr, MD President and CEO, Sana Biotechnology
Board Director, Repertoire
Susan Hockfield, PhD President Emerita of MIT
Board Director, Repertoire
B. Lynne Parshall, Esq. Strategic Advisor, Ionis Pharmaceuticals
Board Director, Repertoire
Torben Straight Nissen,PhD CEO of Repertoire and Executive Partner of Flagship Pioneering