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From immune codes to immune medicines

Harnessing the power of the T cell repertoire to create novel immune medicines

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Discovering the drivers of cellular immunity to treat disease with precision

The human immune system protects and secures health through one of the most complex and elegant processes ever designed. The next generation of immune medicines lie in understanding this system, which is inherently difficult to analyze.

It is our belief that understanding immune synapses and the cellular immune response represents one of the greatest opportunities for innovation in medical science and will allow us to create medicines that benefit patients across a variety of diseases.

By learning how and why T cells engage in immune response, Repertoire can create a new class of medicines.

The Immune Synapse

The immune synapse is central to cellular immunity. The immune synapse is the interface between a T cell and a cell that presents an intracellular antigen. Specific receptors on the T cell, known as T cell receptors, or TCRs, recognize specific antigens. Unique TCR-antigen pairs define unique immune synapses. Such synapses govern the response of the T cell.