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From immune codes to immune medicines

Harnessing the power of the human immune system to understand and repair the T Cell Repertoire

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Decoding with purpose, deploying with precision.

While the immune system is the most complex and fine-tuned medicine-producing engine ever created, harnessing its power to prevent and treat disease remains a frontier of medicine. The key to the next generation of immune medicines lies in understanding the inner workings of the immune synapse – the interaction between T cells and antigen presenting cells.

Through its deep understanding of cellular immunity, Repertoire is designing a new class of precision immune medicines based on a novel strategy:

  • Decoding with purpose » Learning the language of immune codes to detect and isolate relevant T cells based on their reactivity to specific disease-causing antigens.
  • Deploying with precision » Using this knowledge to design novel immune medicines for cancer, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases.

Unlocking the Power of Immune Codes to Create Precision Immune Medicines

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Decode Integrated Discovery Platform Discover relevant TCR-antigen pairs to inform precision drug development
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Deploy Product Development Engine Deliver multiclonal therapeutics to enhance or moderate immune responses

Fully Integrated Immune Discovery and Therapeutics

  • Proprietary Antigen and TCR Discovery Technologies
  • Advanced T Cell Clonotype Analytics
  • Proven T Cell, Protein, and Nano Development & Proprietary GMP Manufacturing
  • Translational Medicine Expertise and Iterative Clinical Trials