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Identifies the Drivers of Immune Response

Our proprietary DECODE platform allows us to explore, characterize, and understand T cell receptor (TCR)-antigen pairs that have the potential to treat disease.

The DECODE platform is a suite of integrated experimental and computational technologies designed to allow us to decipher the immune synapse. These technologies have been assembled to specifically address the limitations of existing approaches.

We designed our DECODE platform to interrogate all aspects of the immune synapse to more fully characterize the cellular response in human disease. This ability has led to novel early-stage discoveries in CD4+ and CD8+ T cell biology and function, capturing Class I and Class II MHC genetics, TCR sequences (pairing of both α and β chains) and T cell phenotype.

Immune synapse

In addition, the DECODE platform allows us to conduct ongoing T cell receptor (TCR)-antigen pair discovery, supporting our development of potential immune medicines.


Melanoma and HPV16+/- to potentially optimize current MTC product candidates; + Future Disease Areas


Multiple Sclerosis and Type 1 Diabetes; + Future Disease Areas

Decode antigen

DECODE Antigen

Through DECODE Antigen, we assess the presentation of disease-associated antigens across many different MHC molecules. This allows us to determine which antigens are presented across diverse patient populations. We believe this will allow us to target our T cell product candidates to the right antigens presented on the surface of the specific MHC Class II molecules, which are risk factors for autoimmune disease.

Decode tcr


Through DECODE TCR, we determine the specificity of TCRs from CD4+ and CD8+ T cells across diverse antigen libraries, covering autoimmune disorders and cancer. The libraries may contain selected genes relevant to a particular disease or all of the possible peptides present in a particular tissue. We believe this will enable us to identify the TCRs that recognize the most disease-relevant antigens previously identified through DECODE Antigen.

Decode synapse

DECODE Synapse

Through DECODE Synapse, we measure T cell specificity and phenotype exactly as they appear in the body. Using this approach, we can screen tens of millions of T cells in order to identify rare T cells that can kill cancer cells or that may be the cells that cause autoimmune disorders. We believe this will enable us to expand on the TCR and antigen pairs, which were previously identified through DECODE TCR, and assess their prevalence and importance across multiple patient populations.

Decode population

DECODE Population

Through DECODE Population, which is our computational system, we integrate key findings from individual TCR repertoires, antigens, MHCs and T cell phenotypes and extrapolate our discoveries to larger patient populations.