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The immune synapse is central to cell-mediated immunity. It is the interface between a T cell and a cell that presents an intracellular antigen. Immune synapses are exceptionally challenging to assess due to the diversity of molecules involved.

T cell receptor (TCR)-antigen pairs direct cellular immune function by specifying which T cells respond to a specific antigen. By analogy, genes direct biological functions by encoding proteins. Decoding gene sequences has unlocked enormous therapeutic value by providing insight into protein function, establishing the foundation for creating a broad range of transformative biomedicines.

We believe that deciphering immune synapses has the potential to provide critical insights into cellular immune function that will establish the foundation for immune medicines that likewise unlock enormous therapeutic value.

In order to realize this vision, we created the DECODE platform, a suite of integrated experimental and computational technologies designed to allow us to decipher the immune synapse.