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Understanding the Entire Picture

Over the past few decades an understanding of humoral immunity and the role of B cells in immunology has led to a class of immune medicines – monoclonal antibodies – that have generated tremendous value for society. But cellular immunity driven by T cells is relatively unexplored. Repertoire Immune Medicines is at the center of the next revolution in modern immunology, leveraging the power the human T cell repertoire.

Understanding the immune synapse – full decoding – is the foundation of Repertoire’s development of repertoire-directed immune therapeutics in cancer, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases. It also can support improved and streamlined clinical development in many other therapeutic settings.

Our state-of-the-art, differentiated platform, DECODETM, deciphers the immune synapse, which is the foundation for targeting antigen-specific cellular immunity, and we integrate this discovery platform with our product development engine, DEPLOY, to harness T cell clones to attack disease.

We Alone DECODE All Three Features of the Immune Synapse

The Immune Synapse defines the interaction between T cells and antigen presenting cells (APCs), where antigenic determinants (peptides) are displayed in the context of major histocompatibility complexes (MHC I/II) and recognized by T cell receptors (TCRs)

The immune system first determines antigen peptides displayed by MHC I and MHC II on antigen presenting cells that are recognized by the TCRs of interest

The T cell receptor then identifies the specific pMHC antigen relevant for the disease

Our technology then determines the phenotype and function of responding T cell clones

Repertoire Immune Medicines has spent years developing a platform to fully decipher the immune synapse to understand the immune codes responsible for protecting us against disease. We call this discovery platform DECODE. 

Our scientists also have spent years developing a platform to collect T cells and antigen presenting cells from a patient’s peripheral blood, and then to use those codes to activate (prime) T cells against particular cancer antigens. The activated T cells then are amplified many fold to create a novel immune medicine which we call our PRIME multiclonal T cell product. We call this product development platform DEPLOY.