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Photo of Christophe Benoist, PhD

Christophe Benoist, PhD Scientific Advisory Board Member

Christophe Benoist, MD, PhD, is the Morton Grove-Rasmussen Professor of Immunology at Harvard Medical School. He received his MD from the Université Paris Diderot, and his PhD in Molecular Biology at Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France. His lab’s principal contributions have been in the area of immunological tolerance and responsiveness, the interplay between MHC moleculaes and the T cell receptor, and pioneering genome engineering and Systems Immunology approaches to understand immune specificity. Dr. Benoist is the Program PI of the Immunological Genome Project (ImmGen) and led the ImmVar consortium. He is an active member of the Committee on Immunology at Harvard Medical School, and an Associate Member of the Broad Institute. Dr. Benoist is an elected member of the French Académie des Sciences and of the US National Academy of Sciences.