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Our first investigational therapy brings together our DECODETM and DEPLOY technologies in an investigational treatment for a variety of solid tumors. PRIME IL-15 (RPTR-147) is a novel autologous, non-genetically modified multi-clonal T cell therapeutic candidate loaded with an IL-15Fc nanogel. The T cells were activated against a set of tumor associated antigens known to be over-expressed on solid tumors. A Phase 1 study of PRIME IL-15 is underway. Interim results of this research can be found here.

A second trial will introduce a new antigen repertoire to include tumor-associated antigens and a viral antigen from HPV+ head and neck cancers. We use our proprietary nanogel technology to then bind IL-15 to the reactive T cells prior to dosing the patient. Our preclinical work demonstrated that we could deliver IL-15 and expand T cell proliferation for two weeks in vivo and enhance tumor killing.

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