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Repertoire’s proprietary process development and manufacturing capabilities enable us to create the Right Medicine for the Right Patient at Right Dose and Potency – and do it at scale. Our optimized manufacturing yields younger, non-exhausted T cells, high numbers of reactive T cells, and multiple T cell clones targeting multiple antigens. Each production run generates a sufficient supply of drug product for multiple dosing of the patient.

We began our first trial in 2019 with a pan-tumor antigen repertoire found in numerous solid tumor types using our first-generation manufacturing process. We have recently introduced a second-generation manufacturing process, which has substantially increased the number of reactive T cells and number of younger phenotypes.

Our process development and manufacturing infrastructure are in place today.

Properties Repertoire Immune Medicines Others (e.g., CAR-T)
Requires Genetic Engineering No Yes
Cytokines Attached to T Cell Yes No
# of Clones Multiple 1
Doses/Manufacturing Run Multiple 1
Scalability Cost-Efficient Expensive