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Repertoire’s Immunomodulator technologies are fundamental to our DEPLOY approach and the foundation of our first novel, targeted immune medicine. Using existing naïve T cell repertoire in the blood stream, we develop a curated antigen repertoire to create the right multiclonal T cell repertoire.

This novel modality – a repertoire of multiclonal T cell clones derived from peripheral blood – is possible only through our DECODETM and DEPLOY platform technologies. We use this modality activated against a broad set of curated antigens relevant to tumor/disease, which we then armor with our immunomodulator technology.

Our Cell-Tethered Cytokine technology consists of three formats:

  • A nanogel for binding IL-15 to the PRIME T cells. The IL-15 nanogel is currently in the clinic in our PRIME IL-15 program.
  • A tethered fusion protein technology, which we use to attach cytokines to the T cell. We are currently using this technology in our PRIME IL-12 program. This technology is also being explored for injectable targeted cytokine delivery.
  • A lipid nanoparticle technology, which we are using in early discovery.

Repertoire’s BRIDGE Cytokine Technology: Novel and Directed Immunomodulators for Cancer Immunotherapy
Mobile cell tethered

Boosting adoptive cell therapy

  • Cytokines can be tethered to various forms of T cell therapies.
  • Tethered T cells possess enhanced activity.
  • First candidate has been evaluated in pre-clinical setting with no associated toxicity issues.
  • Optimized for directed, controlled and local activation of immune cells.
Mobile injectable

Cytokines optimized for precision targeting

  • Simple, directly injected therapy.
  • Concentrate cytokine onto selected immune cell subsets in vivo.
  • Designed to enhance potency of various therapeutic modalities (CAR-T, TCR-T, TIL, ECT, vaccines, checkpoint inhibition.
  • In pre-clinical stage to evaluate ability to achieve therapeutic benefit without toxicity.