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Multi-Antigen Cytokine-Enhanced T Cell Therapies

Repertoire deploys deep knowledge of T cell responses to develop primed, multi-clonal cytokine-loaded T cell products, at the right dose and potency. Our scientists also have spent years developing a platform to collect T cells and antigen presenting cells from a patient’s peripheral blood, and then to use those codes to activate (prime) T cells against particularly cancer antigens. The activated T cells then are amplified many fold to create a novel immune medicine which we call our PRIME multiclonal T cell product. We call this product development platform DEPLOY.

Our First Novel Immune Medicines In Development


Our scientists have developed a novel set of technologies for attaching potent immunomodulators to T cells. In this way, we are able to deliver potent cytokines like IL-15 or IL-12 directly to tumors by using the natural homing power of the T cells to traffic to diseased tissue. Our platform also may make it possible to combine PRIME IL-15 and PRIME IL-12.