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The key to our strategy lies in understanding the inner workings of the immune synapse – the interaction between the T cell and the antigen presenting cell which dictates the immune code that tells a T cell to become toxic and to kill the infected tissue.

Our scientists created and developed the DECODETM and DEPLOY suite of technologies, which allows in-depth characterization of TCR-antigen pairings – and the ability to rationally design and clinically develop targeted immune medicines.

Our scientists also have developed novel technologies that attach potent immunomodulators to T cells, enabling us to deliver potent cytokines such as IL-15 or IL-12 directly to tumors by using the natural homing power of the T cells to traffic to diseased tissue.

“Through our broad and deep knowledge of the T cell repertoire, we are harnessing this elegant creation of biology to develop an entirely new class of powerful immune medicines."

– John Cox, CEO